Traditional tailoring is a long existing craft with a modus operandi that has remained untouched for a long time. The Prefecture has every intention of retaining all that's good about this traditional craft: individuality, high quality products made by specialists and great service; however the brand aims to extend these aspects and bring them under a single umbrella that forms a lifestyle headquarters for men.

Rarely do tailored articles present themselves in relaxed form, instead always preferring to stay within the confines of formality...and so we present our interpretation of bespoke wares: fun, casual, finely designed and crafted clothing that takes its inspiration from a combination of British tradition and the tropics of Southeast Asia.

Here at The Prefecture we believe that style rests upon three pillars

• Colour • Cut • Confidence •

While dressing well is an emphasis on good manners and self respect, perfection and formality tend to be overrated at the expense of real individual expression, so we at The Prefecture invite you to P•L•A•Y...in style.

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